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Yamamoto Takeshi
24 April 1988
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Character ♦

NAME ☆ Yamamoto Takeshi
FANDOM ☆ Kateikyou Hitman Reborn!
AGE ☆ 15
TIMELINE ☆ Before the storming of the Millefiori's Melone base. Before Chapter 277

POWERS/ABILITIES ☆ Takeshi is the sucessor to the Shigure Souen-ryuu. A sword technique deemed to be invincible and flawless. It's a deadly techinique that only legitimate sucessors of the line can master and they use the Shigure-Kintoki to proform it. In it's inept state, the Shigure-Kintoki is a regular shinai made of steel, only when using the Shigure Souen-ryuu will the Shigure-Kintoki transform into a katana.
There are currently 10 forms of the Shigure Souen-ryuu. Forms 1-8 alternate from defensive and offensive and were created by Takeshi's predecessors in the style (number 8 being created by his father), the last two styles are both offensive and were created by Takeshi himself.

Because he is a member of the Mafia, Takeshi also has the ability to use the Dying Will flame. His particular flame is that of the Rain wave and is colored blue. It is the manifestation of his resolve in any given task and is used to agument his power. The tenth style of the Shigure Souen-ryuu, Scontro di Rodine, is the only one that uses his Dying Will flame in conjunction with Shigure-Kintoki

PERSONALITY ☆ Yamamoto is pretty dense in most things. He's very naive in the grander scale and seems to view the fact that he's involved with the Mafia as one big game. It's been said that he's a natural assassin, however, and indeed, he is very verstatile in battle and has an impressive reaction time. He is able to learn very quickly and memorized the original 8 forms of the Shigure Souen-ryuu after only seeing them once.

Out of battle, he is essentially a normal middle school student. He's a very big baseball fan and a good player, his dream is to play in the major leagues. He is a horrible student, it seems and fails to grasp most basic concepts in the academic realm. One of his main traits is that he's very reliable. Tsuna has a habit of not worrying about Yamamoto because he's the type that will always find some way to come through any situation alright. He's generally agreeable about everything and even takes Gokudera's insults and abuse with a laugh and waves it off. He's the type of person who can make friends with anyone, and if not friends than at least reach a point of mutual respect.

In truth, Yamamoto does have something of a temper, it's hard to invoke, but once it is it doesn't matter who the victim of it is, Yamamoto will continue to pissed off until he's satisfied that he's gotten his way.

APPEARANCE ☆ Typically dressed in either his school uniform or a rotating array of casual clothing, Yamamoto has a wiry build that is deceptive of the strength and speed he's built up playing baseball and through sword training. He's pretty average looking for a Japanese middle schooler, in the long run, with short black hair and light brown eyes

HISTORY ☆ Yamamoto was born in Namimori, Japan on April 24th. His family ownes a sushi restaurant, Takesushi, which his father manages. His mother's whereabouts are currently unknown. He attends Namimori middle school and has been the star player of the baseball team since he was in first year.

It was also in his first year that his fate took an unexpected turn when he befriended Sawada Tsunayoshi and was drawn into the Mafia underground. With Tsunayoshi as the 10th boss of the Vongoloa mafia family, Yamamoto is place as one of Tsuna's 6 guardians, the Rain guardian. In order to prove his worth as the Rain Guardian, Yamamoto had to compete against a member of the Vongola's elite assassination unit, the Varia, and win his ring. He defeated the Varia's chosen Rain Guardian, Superbi Squalo who had been called the Second Sword Emporor and in the future, is recognized as one of the Vongola's master swordsman, along with Squalo.

He is now recognized as the legitmate member of Tsuna's family and consequently of the Vongola famiglia


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